Some use cases

The ZeBox™ has multiple applications. Its primary purpose is to reduce the risk of infection from airborne germs for people indoors. The device can be used in any fixed or mobile closed space where people gather.

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Protecting patients and staff in a hospital

Hospitals see many kinds of patients. The ICU and wards have multiple beds and patients can be sensitive to secondary infections, what are referred to as hospital-acquired infections. Some of these infections are resistant to many antibiotics. We know today that hospital staff are also exposed to germs in the air and are at risk. Here, the ZeBox Mid is used between beds to reduce the risk of cross-contamination for patients and staff. 

Pampering embroys in an IVF clinic

Nothing requires as much care in a laboratory as an embryo. They are the much-desired future for many expectant parents. The ZeBox Mini provides the exactingly clean air environment that is required to create these embryos. 

Keeping a person safe at work

Dr. Datta meets with multiple people at work, for science and business. His 8 ft x 6 ft cabin is centrally air-conditioned and the windows cannot be opened. He has reduced lung function and is at risk of airborne infection. Some commonly-found germs that do not affect a healthy person can be dangerous for him. The ZeBox Mini ensures that he breathes clean air, not germs, reducing his risk of infection.

Improving experiment quality in a biology lab

The quality of research in biotechnology labs depends on the quality of the air in the laboratory. Airborne germs can ruin an experiment and cause loss of precious time and money. Here, the ZeBox Mid is used to reduce bio-burden at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, one of India's premier research institutes. This NCBS lab uses the ZeBox as nothing else met their stringent requirements.

Helping doctors meet patients in person safely

Doctors can meet over 20-30 patients in their clinic on a given day. This exposes doctors and staff to a constant stream of disease-causing microbes. The ZeBox Mini can provide a personal bubble around the doctor in her cabin while the ZeBox Mid reduces the risk of cross-contamination for patients in the waiting area.